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WHAT IS S9B2020?

A PMS event, succeeding the events held by Y.W every season for 4 years since 2011.

Since the last event, a number of BMS events and packages have been held.

In case of PMS, several packages, such as BOFXV PMS append package, have been released.

At this time, I planned to hold a PMS-only event so that

a venue where PMS makers and players can communicate can be provided.

The first PMS event in 5 years. Why don't we enjoy it?


PMS is a 9-button music simulation game format, derived from Be-Music Script (BMS).

If a player have a keyboard or a dedicated controller, they can play it totally for free. SUGOI!

Simulators that can operate PMS include Lunatic Rave 2 and beatoraja.

Lunatic Rave 2: Maybe the most popular simulator.

The advantages include the large number of players

and diverse PMS-dedicated skins which allow players to enjoy PMS more in earnest.

Lunatic Rave 2 download page

beatoraja: The next-generation BMS simulator.

beatoraja has more diverse options in place

such as PMS-dedicated gauge and combo system or gauge auto shift.

Also, players can import scores recorded in Lunatic Rave 2.

beatoraja download page



Thankfully, to celebrate S9B2020, the administrator of PMS Database have listed



PMS skins and PMS packages previously released.

If you are new with PMS, it may be good to visit the web page below and read it.

A guide page for newcomers who want to start PMS (Written by pmsdatabase)


The event rules are almost same to those of previous events such as WINTER 9KEYS SPARKLE 2015.

They are not much different to other BMS events,

though there are some differences such as 'using PMS mainly' and 'OK to include characters.'

With Y.W's permission, a considerable portion of the rules of WINTER 9KEYS SPARKLE has been borrowed

for the following rules.



​Registration rules
  • Only works that are not released previously as BMS or PMS can be registered.

    • It is OK to register a BMS using previously-released music that is not used to make a BMS.

  • Only works complying with BRS standard (ver.002) can be registered.

    • For BRS standard, please refer to the following site:

    • Exceptionally, it is OK to add charts or accept the comments of impressions to fix charts. Just once or twice, please.

  • Original, arranged, and remixed works are all allowed. However, copy BMS is prohibited.

  • If you want to use a MIDI made by other people, please get permission from the composer.

  • Meme BMS is allowed as long as it does not infringe the atmosphere of the event.

  • Please prepare at least a NORMAL pattern.

  • You can freely include other patterns such as EASY, HYPER, EX, UPPER, or 5BUTTONS.

  • Please write the diffculties in 50-level system. For details, please refer to how to make PMS patterns written by Y.W.

  • It is recommended to make all sound files be under 1 minute so that the BMS can be registered on LR2 internet ranking.

  • If you want to include other patterns such as 7KEYS, please make a separate folder and compress it e.g. zip format.

  • It is allowed to add more patterns after the impression period.

  • You can include a BGA or a character. In this case, please write the recommended simulator.

  • Importing videos or sounds from a CD or a game console is prohibited.

  • Any work registered in this event will be considered to be agreed to packaging and a secondary distribution.

    • Works that cannot get the original author's permission, such as the arrange of licensed songs, are excluded from the package.

    • The makers' notes are complied.

Impression rules

  • The range of scores is 1~3.

  • For both 1LINEs and long impressions, writing impressions without a comment is prohibited.

  • Impressions not related to PMS are prohibited. Please also exclude BMS patterns such as 7KEYS or 14KEYS from the evaluation.

  • No excessive slander or abusive language. Let's cherish morality.

About the review

  • Total/average scores of PMS entries and completion rates of impression writers are presented in the decreasing order.

    • PMS makers are considered to have the completion rate of 100% if they write impression for all but their works.

    • I'd appreciate it if impression writers stay consistent with their names.

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